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 Namekian Guidelines

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PostSubject: Namekian Guidelines   Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:12 am

Overall: The Namekians are the most peaceful race, and are consisted of their own pre-made team

1. There are 3 different groups of nameks: The Dragon Nameks, The Warrior Nameks, and The Regular Nameks. The Dragons are the healers/mages, the Warriors are the Strongest Fighters, and the Regular are the weaker Fighters

2. All namekians will start out as regular nameks, and need to post in the namekian headquarters to become a Warrior or Dragon Clan

3. The 1st Warrior Namekian will be the Namekian Chancelor, The 1st Dragon Clan will be the Namekian Prince, other's strengths are determined by their roleplay abilities

4. Nameks will be assigned missions from the Namekian Chancelor or the Namekian prince, if not they can get missions from the default missions

5. We inspire The Chancelor and The Prince to meet up

6. Evil Nameks aren't much different from the Good nameks, but pretty much Evil Nameks: King Piccollo, Good Namek: Dende

1.When you die you go to King Yemma.

2.If your good you go to heaven. Evil always go's to hell.


1. Nameks can be good or evil and still be apart of the nameks

2. They Can Learn Kaioken but not Kamehameha.

Nameks are the most tactical(meaning they can use more moves in battle then others)
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Namekian Guidelines
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