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 Dead Guidelines

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Son Zeraku
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PostSubject: Dead Guidelines   Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:05 am

If an opponent decides to kill you inside of an unnoficial martial arts tournament or in one of the locations, you are immediatly dead. Once you die you lost all transformation abilities and your signature technique. You may come back to life, but, you must head to king yemma's desk to determine whether you go to hell or heaven by makeing a post big enough to get to heaven(no we will not tell you the amount) and if you dont post the sufficiant amount, you will be sent to hell, if you post enough you will get to heaven Hint: It is more then one paragraph. Either way, you have the choice to travel through snake way and attain kaio-ken for your character. Once you make it to King Kai's Planet, you can train to get kaio-ken(suggested since you will lose all transformation abilities and your signature technique until you are brought back to life). After that you may stay undead(you can travel back to earth, but once again, no signature and no transformations) or you can compete in the undead tournament. If there are no other undead users than we will provide a NPC(one of the mods or admins will post) for you to battle.
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Dead Guidelines
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