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 Martial Artists Guidelines

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Son Zeraku
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Son Zeraku

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PostSubject: Martial Artists Guidelines   Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:23 am

Overall: The Martial Artists are the group of humans, that consists of three different ranks

1. The Ascended Martial Artists are Sensei's The X-Class are great students, and A-Class are weak ones

2. We suggest that the Ascended Martial Artists meet up together

3. Alike the z-fighters, rogues can join the Martial Artists, but they must first start at A-class and train their way up

4. In order to climb up the Ladder, you must defeat a higher rank(A-class must beat an X-Class to get to X-Class)

1.When you die you go to King Yemma.

2.If your good you go to heaven. Nuetral must post.


1. If you're another race you drop your Roleplaying ability and it changes to the martial artists' one

2.They can learn Kaio Ken and Kamehameha.

Martial Artists Are the Fastest Warriors
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Martial Artists Guidelines
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