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 Android Guidelines

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PostSubject: Android Guidelines   Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:34 am

Overall: Androids are the most structured race. Androids start at being weaker than knights but this site focuses more on the individual themself. XXXX is Asended Android. Thus he is not to be challanged by runts ^^. He will hold back on enemys however.


1.If your not in Geros Army you are allowed to do whatever you want without being told by me. Independent Androids have the ablity to wish to become a human. The keep all there Android techs as Humans.

2.However you will not recieve any benifits or help that the army provides for there androids such as the global scan and the ablity to surpass the final form.

3.(Once your in the army you can't leave)

4.Androids under the armys will are free to do whatever they want to whatever race seeing how we are primarliy evil.

5.You will respect the knights and the heirarchy at all times however and must do whatever i ask.

1.When we die we go sraight to hell.

2.If your good you dont go to hell but neautral and evil go to hell and must be rubuilt.

3.When you die just post a message saying distress signal in hell and you will be revived.


1.Androids cant survive in space in space untill they are at least form three.

2.Androids cant learn Kaio Ken.

3.Bio-Androids(Think Cell) can be created if your history is 6 paragarphs long and you ask for it at the end of your Charecter sheet.

Only Seven Android have weapons. The knights have better Ki attacks than all the other Basic Androids.
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Android Guidelines
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