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 Saiyan Guidlines

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PostSubject: Saiyan Guidlines   Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:35 pm

Overall: Saiyans Are split up into 13 Cells, All of which consists of two Saiyans each while the normal saiyans consist of three or four.

1. There are three Special cells: Cell 1, Cell X and Cell 13.

2.Cell 1 are the two overall leaders, and the strongest of all cells.

3. Cell X is the wandering Cell, they are saiyans, they work with saiyans, but, instead of orders from The Saiyan Ruler(Commander of Cell 1) they take things to their own accord and do things at their own speed and will.

4. Cell 13 is the 2nd strongest cell of the army, takeing over the most planets and getting the most missions, they are the most reliable cell.

5. The rest of the Saiyans are put into groups of 3-4(you may make them amongst yourselves, but please post when makeing a new alliance).

6. Saiyans will be Assigned missions from the Saiyan Ruler, if the Saiyan ruler has no missions for you, you may look at the default missions and you and your Cell or Alliance may do one a week.

7.We inspire leaders to also meet up with cells and alliances that they personally like to discuss missions.

1.When you die you go to the King.

2.If your good you go to heaven. Evil always go's to hell.


1.The saiyan ruler and Cell X(Admin approval to enter) is the only cell with members who have Super Saiyan already.

2.Both can learn Kaio Ken and Kamehameha.

Saiyans Have The Best Ki Control and Highest Ki Power
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Saiyan Guidlines
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