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 Methias - Saiyan

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PostSubject: Methias - Saiyan   Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:43 pm

Name: Methias

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan.

His hair, however, is pure black, and has a black tail wrapped around his waist. He carry's a sword at his side constantly.

Alighnment: Neutral

Orginization: None, as of now. However, i would like to eventually join the Z-warriors

Weapon: A sword. The sword is nameless, and has no special abilities. Methias uses this as an aid in combat, as he prefers to attack with a weapon.

Personality: Methias is a genuinely happy, excitable, hyper and flirty young Saiyan. While on earth, he spends most of his time wondering around the big cities, eyeing up nearly every girl he comes into contact with. He enjoys fighting more than anything in the world, much akin to his Saiyan heritage. He hates people who kill for no reason, and has a wrath that can only be described as terrifying if he ever see's mindless violence. He enjoys trying to make new friends. He is unsure of his Saiyan Heritage, but knows there is something different about him.

In battle, he is a relentless attacker, sparing no moment to give his opponent breathing space. He fights every battle as if it were his last, yet always has a child-like grin upon his face. He never kills his opponents, solely because he enjoys fighting so much that he wishes to fight them again some day.

Signature Technique:
Devastate: Methias places a hand out in front of himself, a white aura appearing around his hand. After enough power is gathered, he releases the energy in one quick blast. The energy forms the shape of a V, the point facing the opponent. There is no beam, only the V formation. The attack works as a slice, and doesn't explode unless it hits the opponent and it's unable to cut them.

Ki Blade: Methias focuses his ki into his weapon, causing it to glow wildly with white energy. This causes the blade to be as hard as the hardest of metal's, and able to cut through highly dense energy beams with ease. This also causes the blade to inflict more damage on contact to his opponent.

Blade Beam: Methias releases all of the built up Ki in his blade, and fires it at the opponent. This is basically the same as Devestate, only weaker. Methias then proceeds to pump his energy back into the blade, to minimize downtime.

Born on the planet "New Vegeta", Methias was given an analysis at birth, as they did to all young Saiyan's. This was to determine the cell and what class they were. Methias was then classified as a Saiyan Elite. Due to his nature, he was put through rigorous training for the first Thirteen years of his life, forbidden to see the outside world. The only times he was let out was to fight, or to help take over a planet. However, Methias eventually grew tired of this way of life, and as such he eventually stole a Saiyan Space Pod, and sent himself to a planet named "Earth".

As the months passed, he crashed into the ground with a thud. The door to his pod opening, he pulled himself out of the protective shell into a mountain top. Looking from above, he remembered seeing several tree's around him, and many huge buildings in the distance. He then flew to the city, and it was there that he learned of the earth's desires, namely, tasty food and beautiful women. During the nine years that have passed, he has been seen flirting excessively and training, which were two of his favorite pass times. He is now looking for battle, the urge to fight bought on by his Saiyan blood. He has heard rumors of several strong fighters, however, the ones he has fought up until now have all been pushovers. He thirsts for a good fight..

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PostSubject: Re: Methias - Saiyan   Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:39 pm

Well add your history but you approved anyway method man lol
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PostSubject: Re: Methias - Saiyan   Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:39 am

Methias, When you type up your history I will move this to the Approved Section ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Methias - Saiyan   

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Methias - Saiyan
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