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 jojo - saiyan

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PostSubject: jojo - saiyan   Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:51 pm



Gender: male


Alignment: good

Organization: the saiyans
Weapon: no

Personality: he is the grandson of the son of trunks he look alot like him and is a pronce too weird is that he has wisjed himself a full saiyan when he was little. he is very strong andknow that he is a prince his best friend when he was little was the little namekiankenito he died natural and cant get wished back anymore. since then he trains allone but a evil person killed his parents but after that jojo killed the man in his anger since then he lives alone in a gigantic cave on new vegeta sometimes he goes outsied the cave to challenge someone and kill him to get stronger. but from his old friend kenito he learned a stong atack the special beam cannon and is zen kui teng lan he teached to his self.he hates evil guys and fighted a big demon one time but when he turns into a giant ape he kille the demon with almost all of his powers.

sometimes his namekian friend Kenito talks telepatic to him and asks how it is with day when he trains in his cave someone comes to him and punches him a big fight goes further and adventully Jojo wins and the strange man i dead later it seems that the man wanted his trone... the man was his uncle and a member of the group that killedhis parents.
Signature Technique:special beam cannon

zen kui teng lan:you just say zen kui teng lan then three saiyans apear zen has ultimate kamehameha ultimate masenko and teng has ultimate destructo disc and has last lan has spirit bomb

fire fang:his hands are getting on fire but it only hurts his oponent when he hits him

saiyan rage:if jojo gets mad he chanes into another form of hima called "raged jojo" raged jojo likes to kill and has no respect for anybody he changes into this form when his parents got killed. he can do this in other states especially in the oozaru form everytime he turns into this his eyes are all brown andhe will act a little bit like a monkey.
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jojo - saiyan
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