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 Son Zeraku(Saiyan)

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Son Zeraku
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Son Zeraku

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PostSubject: Son Zeraku(Saiyan)   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:36 am

Name: Zeraku(later named Son Zeraku)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

His super Saiyan form has blue hair instead of the usual blond
Alighnment: Good

Orginization: Z-Fighters

Weapon: Zeraku once emitted to earth inherrits a pair of platinum, shiny knuckles. These knuckles aren't used as frequintly as it seems as they are only used when Zeraku is not in any release state, he likes to use them to spar or to fight. Once Zeraku releases the smallest amount of ki he removes the knuckles, seeing that he wont need them at all.

Personality: Zeraku, at apperance seems as if he is an asshole, lone wolf type; at least that's what most people think when they see him at first glance. Zeraku is actually the most peaceful saiyan in the whole universe, pretty much protecting everyone from the saiyans because of the fact that the saiyans are the ones to always start the war. Zeraku is a fun loving, peaceful, unvingeful, nice, and all around cool person. Most of the characters in the story look up to him, except most of the saiyans, who look down on him because of the fact that he's nice, instead of greedy and bloodthirsty like the typical saiyan.

Signature Technique:
Daragon manako batsu (Dragon Eye Punisher)

Zeraku can use this in all states, allowing an advantage to this technique. Zeraku removes all of his weights and focuses all of his ki, allowing channeling into his palms. He them places his palms together and throws his arms forward, a small white orb forms in his hands as he slowly and/or quickly says Ma-na-ko, Batsu! He then unleashes the blasts as it emits from his palms and it turns into a red color with a black outline and may be fused with other techniques when he is transformed.

Twin Dragon Fire blast

Zeraku pushes out both of his arms and opens his fists, making them into two steady palms. Two orbs then form in both of his hands, one being green and the other being blue. He then says "Twin Dragon Fire!!!" very quickly, in some cases a bit slower to allow stronger viariants of the technique, and unleashes two blasts that are shaped like a green dragon and a blue dragon, the may swirl together or may spread, Zeraku is also able to use one after another, such as fireing the green one towards the enemy and then fireing the next one at the enemy at more of a perfect time.

Dragon's Manako Fist

Zeraku uses alot of ki and focuses it into his hand, and clenches it into a fist. He then charges at the enemy and goes for a punch towards a body part. He can also emitt it and can make it into a blast of some sort, shaped into a fist.

History: Zeraku was born on the planet vegeta, born to the emperor Zekaru and his mother, Seraphie. They raised Zeraku with not much respect, and loved him much less more then his older brother Baraka. Baraka was the captain of the saiyan veterans and was looked up to by everyone. Even though Zeraku was not shined on as much as his brother, he still had much respect for his brother and still respected everyone around him, making the saiyans a bit suspicious of him and the actions of his parents, thinking that maybe his parents were raising him to be a peaceful loving person because of his personality and unusual blond hair color(while not being super saiyan), rather then a greedy, blood thirsty tyrant like most of the other Saiyans. Zeraku would always help the little kids and even animals, though he was still harshly rejected because all beings on planet vegeta were greedy. After 18 years of powerful years of powerful training, Zeraku was 2nd stronges in his army, making other jealous, but he was still able to beat everyone except his brother Baraka.

At 19 Zeraku finally wanted to prove to his parents that he was better, so he challenged his brother Baraka to a fight, but was brutely beaten and saved by his father, his father telling him not to have so much pride to kill his own flesh and blood. So after that day, Zeraku joined the saiyan veterans, making him and his brother partners. He then, along with other saiyans, took over planets all over the universe, feeling ashamed and sad, instead of the usual saiyan, prident and vengeful. He then got so sad that on his final mission to take over earth, he saved a martial artist and killed his brother Baraka, hateing the saiyans for being this way. He then made a group called the Z-fighters with the martial artist and decided to protect the universe from Saiyans.
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Android XXXX
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PostSubject: Re: Son Zeraku(Saiyan)   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:48 am

Approved Bitch....
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Son Zeraku(Saiyan)
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