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 Saga One (Characters)

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PostSubject: Saga One (Characters)   Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:37 am

Name: SoKaito

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Appearance: Picture

Alignment: ???

Organization: Saga Bosses

Weapon: Hand to Hand

Personality: SoKaito is a seemingly nice guy. When first met he tricks the person into thinking he is a nice, kind and considerate person. Well to those who know him and were killed by him, he is a evil cunning person. On the outside he sports a kind expression, but on the inside their is a demon, full of fury, and ready to see bloodshed and gore. If his evil was expressed all of the time, he would be more destructful and desolent then Vegeta in the first saga himself, as evil is truely within this warrior.

Signature Technique:

Final Surge- Charges up a large beam of energy that fires ten times in a row. At the end of the tech an explosion surrounds SoKaito.[Charge is 10][Instant Death if hit.]


Great Wraith of Nexos- His physical strength increases by four. He is slower and his defense is doubled. [8turns]

Ultimate Barrage-
Unkiown [Has never been used]

History: SoKaito was just in infant when he first discovered his power. As a baby, SoKaito was born right next to the saiyan Zeraku. Zeraku was an obnoxious baby, as he was making a bunch of noise, annoying SoKaito and the other children. After hours of the shouting and screaming Zeraku was making, SoKaito finally got fed up. His eyes glowed a dark red and he shot a ki blast that destroyed the whole room, and took all of the children except Zeraku. Many saiyans rushed to see the comotion, they saw the baby and laughed but were quickly demolished from one blast of the child. Many saiyans rushed to the aid of zeraku and after being outnumbered the baby was put into a pod and sent off of the the planet with his mother, whom trained him to try to control his power. After years of training SoKaito's mother finally taught him how to control his power, however, one fateful day would change SoKaito's life forever.

On that day SoKaito unlocked his true power, and his father thought it was that of a super saiyan, but the gold in his hair and on his aura had a green tint, his eyes were only white and he looked beastly. His father had now discovered that his own son, was the legendary super saiyan. His father was very proud of this, and SoKaito was so happy, he used his new enourmous power to accidently kill his own father. Angered SoKaito destroyed the whole planet, but luckily found his escape pod, and he got into it and escaped to earth. His father was his heart and the only person that loved him, seeing as everyone hated him, SoKaito would take it out on every race and show everyone he is the strongest by destroying planets, taking over the universe and reining all of the galaxies. With Saiyan Pride, SoKaito now wants to take down everyone who opposes him and wont let anything stand in his way, seeing as he is the first saga villian.
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Saga One (Characters)
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