Join this epic adventure in the Dragon Ball Universe set 500 years after GT..
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 Saga One Overview

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Son Zeraku
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Son Zeraku

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PostSubject: Saga One Overview   Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:25 am

For years the Z-fighters, Gero's army, the Nameks, the Saiyans, the Makyojins, the Majins and the Faction have lived in termoil and strife. Constantly fighting each other over th possesion of the DragonBalls. Even with all of this wickednss the galaxy has been intro duced to a great and terrible power. SoKaito, the legendary Super Saiyan,Leads his legion of Mutants across the cosmos looking for vengence upon both the humans and saiyan races. Sokaito is of Half Blood and it is weird how he is able to gather so much power so fast. He is hated by almost all races. Sokaito drifts in the deepest parts of the galaxy awaiting the ones who are strong enough to fight him in the World Martial Arts Tornement. Only a few warriors can haraness the powers to overcome this vicious foe who has devoured many planets in his unholy wraith.
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Saga One Overview
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