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 Help Topic: Z-Fighters Guidlines

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Son Zeraku
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Son Zeraku

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PostSubject: Help Topic: Z-Fighters Guidlines   Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:50 am

This is the guidlines of the Z-Fighters. The Z-fighters is an orginization that is against the saiyans and other threats and are allianced with earth. Since the Z-fighters fight to protect all of the planets from the vicious saiyans and/or other threats. The Z-fighters may travel to other planets to help out. I am the Leader of Z-fighters so I will be posting missions for you all. Z-fighters are allowed to go into groups of two, or train rogues to become their trainees. To become a Z-fighter you must leave your current alliance and/or planet and become a rogue. After that you must epic post and/or Fight one of the Z-fighters. If you are denied entering the Z-fighters, do not get angry, you can return to your planet and try once again, but you must post at least 3 paragraphs to get back in and if you leave your race twice and you are denied from the Z-fighters, you are not allowed back into your planet and you will just have to become a rogue.
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Help Topic: Z-Fighters Guidlines
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