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 Help Topic: Application

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PostSubject: Help Topic: Application   Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:25 pm

In this topic, I'll be teaching you how to write a good application for this Dragonball Rpg. This is to help the newer Role Players to get off to a good start, and to understand what an Admin looks for when reading an Application.

First off, the Title. Please keep this simple, and supply us with the name of your character, as well as the race. For Example: Jimmy Joy - Human

Got that? If not, another example could very well be something along the lines of: Seline Stelliger - Saiyan.

Doing this will allow us admins to get a quick idea of what we're about to read, so please do so.

The Application

Now, this is the "Hard" part. Filling in the Application. I'll just write down a few pointers for you when writing your own.

Name: Yes, this is a name. Please, oh please, don't name yourself something like "Goku two", because I myself will deny you in the face for doing that. Try to be original.

Age: I'm sure you can figure this one out. However, try not to be too over the top with your age. I don't expect to be seeing 2000 year old humans running around. *Smiles*

Gender: Male of Female, no questions asked.

Appearance: Appearance! This section will most likely be given a picture to describe your character, which is not a problem, as a picture -is- worth a thousand words. Even if you do have a picture however, feel free to describe the finer details in words.

Alignment: This would have an effect on how your character acts. Not too many "evil" people will be rescuing kittens and the like, so try to stick to this.

Organization: With your Organization, please do not go too overboard with what you choose here. For example, if you're truly evil, you wouldn't likely be a member of the Z-Fighters, would you?

Weapon: Write about your weapon IF YOU HAVE ONE, this isn't necessary and can easily be skipped / ignored if you do not wish to have a weapon.

Personality: This is one of the two places where we'll most likely be judging your character. You'll be expected to stick to this. Please, try to be expansive. We want to know as much about your character as possible!

Signature Technique: This is your characters Signature Skill. This could be an effective healing spell, a type of beam, or even a type of melee attack. Try and be original with this.

Techniques: These Techniques are generally weaker than your signature in strength and ability. Not all are, however. We would like you to try and use your imagination for these too.

History: This is the other Section we will likely be judging your character from. With this, explain in as much detail as you can your characters past. The minimum is two Paragraphs, but the more you write is generally better. Try and be imaginative with this too, not everyone's parents are killed by an evildoer who you killed recently for revenge.

There, that's the basics of the application sorted. If you have any questions feel free to PM me with them, and i'll be glad to help.
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Help Topic: Application
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