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 Korynn (martial artist)

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PostSubject: Korynn (martial artist)   Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:48 pm

Name: Korynn Lefinan


Gender: Female



Orginization: Im mortal! (human)

Weapon: has a dagger like thing from her dad strapped to her thigh.

Personality: Korynn tends to keep to herself, Spending most of her time practicing in dojo's, becomming better at her martial arts. She is not shy, but doesn't like talking to others. In her mind, what others think is not important, but when she does talk she will say whats on her mind, weather it is nice or not. Korynn hates training others who have no potential, and when she finally gets boredwith them, she beats the crap out of them and tells themto find a new master.

Korynn is cold at heart, and hates when people tell her to be nice to others, it usually resloves in a kick in the face. The only time she is nice, is when people understand her. She is psycho about her training, usually training 3 hours a day, if anyone interupts her while training, they officially become her new sparring partner.

Signature Technique: Tiger Blow.

Techniques: Tiger Blow. a severing orange energy goes around Korynns hand and it's like a tiger over her arm. she presses her palm into the opponent and a major blast occurs.

Blast of the Kais- Korynn yells this and holds out her fist. A white ball starts to form and shoots out at opponent.
1-99 posts: 2 techniques
100-200 posts: 3 techniques
200-300 posts: 4 techniques
300-400 posts: 5 techniques

and so on, every 100 posts you may make a new technique.

History: Korynn grew up in a small village, that was dedicated to the art of martial arts. Her father forced her night and day to spar with her 3 older brothers who beat the crap out of her. When she was eight, her father passed away and she was blamed for it by her mother. Her eldest brother Toya, was told by their mother to kill her because of their fathers death. Insted of killing her, he beat her till almost death, then took her body to a new town, and hid her so her mother wouldn't know that she was still alive, even though nothing was her fault.

For a few years after that, the young Korynn lived on her own, and every day found herself in a fight with the neighborhood kids, most of them got the crap beat out of them. Soon they got the idea, and left her alone. She lived on the bank of the river until she was seventeen and trained everyday, smashing boulders, klling bears, anything she could do to trai, she would take the oopertunity to do so.

At the age of 19 she found a boarded up abandoned dojo, deep in the woods on the outskits of the small village that she was living in. She cleaned it up and claimed it as her own, taking in students to train. This is where she resides today.

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PostSubject: Re: Korynn (martial artist)   Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:38 pm

approved, just remember you're the martial artist in the plot
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Korynn (martial artist)
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