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 Majin Fian

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PostSubject: Majin Fian   Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:57 pm

Name: Fian

Age: 114

Gender: Male


Alignment: Evil

Organization: Rogue

Weapon: None

Personality: Fian is extremely curious by nature. This is his primary motivation in life, to find new and interesting things with which to amuse himself. This also makes the little majin quite unpredictable. He loves to see new places and things; but he also loves to see them explode. One can never be sure wether he is hostile or not. He really lacks any morality in that sense; he is utterly incapable of empathy. But, unless angered, he doesn't explicitly set out to be malicious either. Fian's appetite is considerable and offering food is usually a good way to stay in the majin's favor. He also enjoys singing quite a bit, and infact many of his attacks make use of a mix of ki energy and sound waves. Infact he dislikes weapons and physical strikes quite a bit. He prefers to use his ranged skills, and only uses his body to block. As such, fights with him tend to involve keep-away tactics. Fian is generally cheerful in mood, but can tend to be somewhat snotty.

Signature Technique:

Radius Blast- Fian spins twice before shooting upward into the air. His rising emits a sonic boom, the ring of sound and energy smashing into everything around him.


Belly Bump- Fian inhales air and his stomach puffs up to an enormous size. Despite only being filled with air, it becomes quite hard in this state. It can be used to slam enemies, if he so wishes, but is usually used to block strikes.

Sonic Helix- A spiraling blast of sound waves fired from Fian's mouth. It is easily seen by the dust and air distortion caused by the force. However it is otherwise invisible, and those not paying attention may be caught in the attack.

1-99 posts: 2 techniques
100-200 posts: 3 techniques
200-300 posts: 4 techniques
300-400 posts: 5 techniques


Fian is a small being, even by majin standards, who was born on Planet Stretch over a century in the past. During his childhood, granted he has had the same appearance his entire life, Fian frequently left home to see more of his home region. He enjoyed the sights quite a bit, but his casual attitude towards destroying said places more then worried his peers. Fortunatly he was far too weak at the time to be a serious threat to anyone. During those early years he never went too far from home, however since then has left his homeland behind to see everything he possibly could. Many times his probably insanity showed through, and the other majin were forced to fight off Fian. It was after one such incident that he met a majin sage, over 4 centuries in age. Being nearly as old as their civilization, he told Fian stories about their founding. This changed things for Fian considerably. He, of course, knew that Buu had been the one who created their species. He did not, however, know of his past. He considered the planets desire for peace to be in conflict with their very nature, and decided soon after to leave the planet behind.

Fian roamed the cosmos for over 50 years. He had no real destination or goal. He simply found new places, saw interesting sights, and often wiped entire regions off the map. His fun had no rhyme or reason; Fian saved at least two worlds, and destroyed many others. Though the former in no way meant that he had changed his mind about his planet's desire for peace. He viewed the conflict as keeping things far more interesting. He returned to Planet Stretch two years in the past, and has been spending his time there since. He has not caused any trouble as of yet, having decided to treat it as a bit of a "vacation home" for the time being. He's yet to decide how much longer to extend said vacation.
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Majin Fian
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