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 Bayate Nomonashi {Saiyan}

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Bayate Nomonashi

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PostSubject: Bayate Nomonashi {Saiyan}   Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:32 am

Name: Bayate Nomonashi

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Alignment: Bad

Organization: Work Alone, unless he comes along an offer that would benefit him in some way.

Weapon: No

Personality: Bayate is a very calm person. Personal insults or physical "abus" will not perturb him. He will only cooperate in an event if it is of interest or it cannot be avoided. He is always tired and loves to take naps. He can be very deep, but hides this depth from people because he knows they would not understand. He is very stubborn at times, if he really wants something, he will get it, no matter what the other person does. He loves the wildlife and even if his heart is evil, he has a soft side for the little critters. If you anger him, he will come at you like a bull. He has no hesitation to kill and will do whatever he thinks is necesarry, whether anyone else likes it or not.

Signature Technique:

Kurayami Enzeru (Darkness Angel) - Bayate puts one hand to the earth and one hand pointing towards the sky, open palmed. Lightning will strike the hand in the sky and he will absorb this powerful electric energy and use it as ki. He will then absorb energy from the earth and also use it as ki. He will combine the 2 ki energies he absorbed, lightning and earth, into one powerful ki blast. After he is done combining the energies, he will stand up cupping his hands (in a kamehameha stance) and slowly say the name of the technique as he physically manifests the powerful ki attack in his cupped hands. When ready, he will fire it at his opponent or wherever else.


Ikazuchi Kobushi (Thunder Fist) - This technique can be used for a period of time; this technique allows Bayates' limbs to make a sound when attacking the opponent with a physical attack. Theis sound that is heard is like a loud thunder and does not strengthen the punch, but has more of a psychological ability. Even if the attack misses the sound still occurs and the opponent's vision will blur as well as his reflexes will slow. The sound emitted from this technique triggers some nerves in the brain that control the five senses and it scrambles the nerve frequencies; so the opponent's senses start to fade. The senses will not fade completely, but the opponent will not be able to move as fast or concentrate ki as easily. The opponent will also have blurred vision, somewhat blocked hearing, lowered reflexes, lowered sense of smell, and a loss of feeling (so like if he gets hit he might not feel it and, thus, not enough time to react.). No senses can be completely shut down, this technique is only used to fatigue the opponent to give Bayate a nice advantage.

Kuro-n Ki (Clone of Ki) - This technique is not meant for battle, though it can be used for it. The user concentrates all of his ki into a ki replican of him/herself. Since you used all of your ki to make this clone you have no more to use and, thus, this clone has no ki either. This technique is most commonly used to help Bayate train when there is no one around. You can use this in battle, but like I said, you use all your ki, so if you use this, Bayate has to rely on physical ability for the rest of the fight. This replican will cooperate with you and is loyal to Bayate and only Bayate. The clone will disappear when Bayate is done wth it or if he loses consciousness.

History: Bayate was a proud saiyan of Planet Vegeta until Freiza had came along and taken over the whole saiyan race. He

immediately rebelled against this blasphemy, but his comrads were too scared and others joined with Freiza and attacked

Bayate. Bayate was astonished at how his own bretheren could turn on him just like that and he wouldn't stand for it. He and

the only friends that would stick by him, went to confront the betrayer saiyans as well as Freiza. Bayate and his most loyal

companions raided the ship, easily killing off the guards and then attacking the betrayer saiyans. They fought for hours on end,

each person assigned to fight another. Bayates' squad and him eventually overcame the saiyans with their power. All of a

sudden, Freiza entered the room and laughed at the group of saiyans Bayate had brought forth against him. They attacked

Freiza and, with no attempt, Freiza killed everyone except Bayate. Bayate was on the ground, struggling to get up as he saw

his dead comrads. He screamed and attacked and Freiza was almost overwhelmed. Bayates' frustration and hate for this

changling Freiza grew at a massive speed. Bayate couldn't forgive himself for letting his best friends die and he would make

Freiza pay. All of a sudden though, Bayate was tricked. Freiza knew he was going to lose if he didn't get rid of Bayate so he

had guards come in and distract Bayate. As Bayate was taking care of the guards, Freiza came from behind and knocked

Bayate out. Freiza shoved Bayate into a space pod and sent him to earth, hoping to never see him again. Bayate eventually

awoke on earth and went on a fit; destroying two cities and desolating a whole mountain range. His only comrads left were now

dead, he was alone and Freiza was still alive. He was alone and in pain... He decided from that day on, he was no longer a

citizen of Planet Vegeta, He was a revenger. He vowed to kill all changling he saw and now worked of his own accord. His hate

of the world grew, as it should have for taking away everything that he had. Bayate was endorced with his hate, but still had a

depth in his mind from those dark days... Now, he wonders the earth aimlessly... doing what he must to survive and revenge.
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Bayate Nomonashi {Saiyan}
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