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 Maxwell Masters [Saiyan]

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PostSubject: Maxwell Masters [Saiyan]   Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:54 am

Name: Maxwell Masters

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a black dress shirt along with a blood red tie, black dress pants, a pair pf leather shoes and a leather belt. His shirt is never tucked in, the tie is usually loose, and the top button of his shirt is never buttoned. Has dark brown hair that is long and goes past his shoulders, almost to his mid-back. Can usually be found smoking a pack or cigarettes or enjoying a glass of whine. Has three silver hoops lined next to each other piercings his left eyebrow. One silver stud in the center and right under his lower lip. Has another silver loop piercing his left nipple. He still has his tail, but never wears a scouter.

Alignment: Neutral/Bad

Organization: Saiyans

Weapon: Simply a witch blade on his right middle finger. A witch blade is basically bendable metal wrapped around one finger. His witch blade resembles a talon because of it's slightly curved tip.

Personality: Personality: Very intelligent yet strangely at the same time impulsive. Maxwell is also understanding, caring, compassionate, strict, and ruthless. Cherishes friendship and his allies. He always tries to make friends with those that aren't his enemies, but even tries with them at times too.Tries to preserve life, even that of the enemies unless necessary. Always needs to voice his opinion. Can be perverted at times and may be seen as unorthodox by those who don't know him well. Other then the unorthodox style, Maxwell is an overall classy Saiyan and a great candidate for a leadership position.

Signature Technique:

Dancing Blades: Maxwell spins ripping and slashing into different dimensions. He uses those little rips to fly towards where he chooses. The little rips will teleport whatever go inside it into the different dimension.


Death Beam: Much like Frezia's Death Beam. Cooldown: 5 posts. (I know it's not original, but I loved that tech)

Hidden Talon: A small blade is formed on the tip of Maxwell's right middle finger. It is about .5 centimeters long but can be extended to about 4 inches. Nothing but concentrated Ki compressed into a small space. Extremely sharp and strong. Cooldown: Five posts. Lasts for three posts.

History: Maxwell was originally born on Namek because his parents were off on a mission. Unfortunately, his parents were captured and executed and the Namekians saw no reason to kill an innocent infant. There he was raised and thought to respest life. He never tried to harm anything, but even then the Namekians feared him for what he was. It was the true reason for why Maxwell was kind, at least until his kindness would be taken advantage of. One day, Maxwell was being beat by a gang of Namekians and he snapped. Maxwell has ripped one's head off, as the others ran, he killed all of them by smashing their heads in. After hearing of such things, Maxwell was exiled from planet Namek by the elders. He was told what he was and sought out the Saiyan race. Eventually he did and rose up the ranks by showing his power and how ruthless he can be, carrying out missions without fail each time but with as little deaths as possible. One day though, he will return to Namek...
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Maxwell Masters [Saiyan]
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