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 Kids martial arts training

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PostSubject: Kids martial arts training   Fri Mar 27, 2009 4:00 pm

Buki walked into the class he didn't want to come but his parents didn't want his grand father teaching him any more dangeruos martial arts so they sent him to a martial arts class thinking he would learn some self restrain when it came to fighting, today was sparring Buki had to face a kid who was ten and alittle taller than him Hahahahaha don't worry runt this won't hurt much the kid punched at Buki's head he just took it and blinked That all he punched the kid in the stomack and then he started rolling on the ground. All the other kids looked on in shock What I do Buki stupidly said the kid was taken away the teacher weakly said N next two Buki went over to a bench and sat down.
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Kids martial arts training
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