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 Rules for the Tournement

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PostSubject: Rules for the Tournement   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:30 am

Simple Guidelines
1. There are only Ten people in a Tournement.
2. Losing does not garentee you are the weaker combatant.
3. Winner Advances to the next round with out being at full strength.
4. You cant beat Sokaito in the Kai tournement so dont think you can.
5. Follow all rules you can be DQ'D


1.You Lose by Ring Outs, Knock-Outs, and by Giving up.
2.If you win you go up the Ladder.
3.Winner gets a new Tech.
4.Tourns are only held when announced by Android XXXX.
5.Have fun.
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Rules for the Tournement
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