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 Kenta Takeshi (NF)

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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Kenta Takeshi (NF)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:05 am

Name: Kenta Takeshi

Age: 29

Gender: Male



Organization: Cell X

Weapon: Spear; Kenta picked up the spear during his trainings. Raven; Although not the typical weapon, his raven is his pet and he uses it to scout out areas.


Kenta has many split personalities, some that are secret and some that are public. The secret ones deal with his sadistic personality and his lust to kill all infidels, and the public is the side that he shows to his enemies. First off, his Secret, sadistic personality. As stated before, Kenta is a very sadistic saiyan. He goes around killing for the fun of it when no one is around. He enjoys seeing the drops of blood hit the pavement and the splatter of it everywhere when they are being slashed up. He sees it is an art form, much like paint splatters, but with blood. If blood ever spills on him, he usually licks it off slowly, savoring the taste of the opponent. He's gained this sense of sadism from the loss of his conscience after so many years of murdering people. He feels no regret for any crime that he has committed. Kenta is also very agitable. He always has a short fuse, and if you light it prepare for an explosion. He does not put up with people's crap and does not always follow orders. He likes to do things on his own time and will not do them immediately after being told for he sees that as having to do it on their time. He has gained this personality from dealing with so many "infidels" and so many incompetant people. He has grown tired of them.

However, Kenta would not dare reveal this side to the rest of his kind. He wishes to gain their trust so they he can manipulate them and use them as is his will. He is very seductive, but not in a sexual manner. He seduces people with his kind face and soft voice. Everyone is attracted to his appearances and he uses this to his advantage. After he seduces them, he shows more of his faux side. He is constantly only thinking of them, at least when they are around. He gives them random gifts and expects nothing from them in return. When in public, he is the most selfless being out there. But deep down he only cares for himself and will only look out for himself, even if he has to take down his so-called "friends".

Signature Technique:

Ketatamashii ittou no uindo (Piercing Blade of the wind):

This ability give Kenta a long-distance attack. When he swings his spear in the direction of his opponent, a blade of wind forms at the point of the spear, creating a scare like formation in the wind. As Kenta swings through, the "scar" is released and shot out towards the opponent. This attack is only as powerful as the swing for it, much like any other slash from a sword.


Kago no Kame (Divine protection of the wind):
This ability allows Kenta to form a temporary shield around his entire body, a full 360 coverage. The shield blocks all incoming attacks. (Kidou, sword, flying debris) This allows Kenta to get out of a tight situation. This ability has another effect. Since it is an ability with swirling wind, anything that comes nearby the swirling vortex will be blown around and shot out when the shield is released.

Shuurai no Tlaloc (Lightning strike of Tlaloc):
Using the friction of air particles due to rapid air currents, Kenta is able to control lightning. When he uses this attack, Kenta points his finger to send out a single bolt of lightning, usually to the heart to create an instant death of his opponent, if hit right. Just using a single finger is the weakest form of this attack. If Kenta used the palm of his hand to shoot out the lightning, the magnitude of the attack is increased.

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PostSubject: Re: Kenta Takeshi (NF)   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:12 pm

All you need to do is put a cool down on your 1st Tech and finish your history. And you will be all set for Approval. ^.^
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Kenta Takeshi (NF)
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