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 Basic Namek Tecniques

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PostSubject: Basic Namek Tecniques   Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:21 am

These are the Techniques that all Namekians in the RPG start with.

Name: Flight
Description: This ability focuses ki towards the ground, which in turn allows the user to shift their body into the air. This is a basic Technique.

Name: Energy Ball
Description: The technique uses basic Ki techniques to form the inner energy of your body into a ball shape, which is then sent towards an opponent. These can be fired in rapid succession, however, they are generally quite weak.

Name: Energy Wave
Description: This technique uses the same principle as the Energy ball, however, the user keeps pumping energy into their hands and fires it towards their opponent in a constant stream. This is stronger than the Energy Ball but weaker than most techniques. These cannot be fired in rapid succession.

Name: Ki Control
Description: This is a basic technique that allows the user to hide their strength, or to power up to their maximum strength

Name: Antenna Beam
Description: This is a inherited namekian ability, it focuses an amount of ki depending on the user's power level into their Antenna and shoots a concentrated purple ki blast.
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Basic Namek Tecniques
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