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 Saiyan Ruta

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PostSubject: Saiyan Ruta   Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:33 am

Name: Ruta

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Alignment: Bad

Organization: Sayians(Cell 13, Because I want to do all of the work. If not there Cell X is fine)

Weapon: He carries a 2 bladed sword. It is rumored to be unbreakable and is known to be able to cut Ki Attacks in half. (Only medium level Ki attacks)

Personality: Is a Self proclaimed ladies man. He has a weak spot for beautiful women, but on the other hand is a sadistic killer. He loves to prey on the weak but loves a good fight from a strong opponent. His voice is always calm and cool yet its very sweet to the ears. Even thought he is a sadistic killer he always comes off sweet and friendly. He usually carries a gentle smile on his face as no one can ever tell when he is serious or not. When most people meet him they tend to underestimate him due to his looks and voice. As soon as he begins to fight the underestimation turns into fear.

Signature Technique: Kaimei Kiru(Darkness Kill) Ruta can create this attack many different ways but it usually involves two hands. Ruta concentrates enough Ki into both of his hand. In one hand a powerful bright green orb appear. In the other a powerful black orb appears. Once combine they make a black and bright green swirl orb. When using the black and green swirl orb he has the power to separate them at will turning them into two powerful orbs.

Techniques: (Mainly all of Ruta's Ki blast are Green)

Shado Kiru(Shadow Kill) Ruta makes a powerful bright green orb form into his hands. It usually take a bit of concentration as it becomes a very powerful blast when released. When released a streak of blackness flows behind the blast as it tears through the air.(Takes 1 Post to Charge)

Nibai Shado Kiru(Double Shadow Kill) This takes full concentration to release this blast. Ruta forms two Shado Kiru at the same time with each of his hands. Then combines them into a more powerful Shado Kiru.(Takes 3 post to Charge)


Ruta is a pure breed saiyan as he grew up on Planet Vegeta with his father. His father was once a part of Cell 13 in his younger days. His father name was Aspara. Aspara trained Ruta since the day he could walk. Aspara wanted to past his child on to Planet Vegeta as a prodigy child. Ruta didn't have much of a childhood spending most of his days fighting and training with his father. When his father begun to get weak missions to take over planets or to visit to check up on things. He would always bring Ruta along with him. Ruta had his first kill by the age of 9. Every since then he had been hooked on the fact that killing is a natural part of things. For the next 8 years Aspara and Ruta trained everyday as Ruta begun to make a name for himself. Ruta couldn't wait for the day he turned 18 so he could be legally put into a Cell division. Ruta knew by making either Cell 13 he would make his father very proud to call him Son. That is why Ruta had always trained and fought so hard to make his father proud of him. The day had come for Ruta to turn the age of 18 and So his true journey alone begins.......
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PostSubject: Re: Saiyan Ruta   Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:09 am

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Saiyan Ruta
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