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 Kaioken Technique.

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PostSubject: Kaioken Technique.   Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:40 am

Kaioken is a strange technique, and is considered a Transformation. However, the technique is different to may transformations as the stronger forms are gained by getting use to the lower forms, instead of becoming stronger yourself in general. Below are the requirements for this strong Technique.

Posts: 30
Requires: Training while dead or by someone who knows it, or by learning it youself(posts 6 paragraphs minimum)

Kaioken x5
Posts: -
Requirements: To have used Kaioken 3 times

Kaioken x10
Posts: -
Requirements: To have used Kaioken x5, five times

Kaioken x20
Posts: -
Requirements: To have used Kaioken x10, 10 times

Super Kaioken
Posts: -
Requirements: You must have a super mode of some form(super namek, super saiyan etc androids being an acception) and you must have used Kaioken X20 20 times and have admin perimission
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Kaioken Technique.
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