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 The Ranks of the Androids

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Android XXXX
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Android XXXX

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PostSubject: The Ranks of the Androids   Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:16 pm

These are the ranks of Geros Army. I am the Main leader and that will never change. However The vice leader is the one who calls all the shots and is basically the strongest Android. He can be challendged for rank once a week. Knights are the Elites of the Android Race. They are basically The Strongest Androids under the rule of the Vice Leader. Knight Leader reports to the Vice Android leader who will report to me.

0.(Main Leader)Android XXXX

1.(Vice-Leader)Marluxia Palazzo

2.(First Knight)

3.(Second Knight)

4.(Thrid Knight)

5.(Fourth Knight)

6.(Fifth Knight)

7.(Sixth Knight)

8.(Seventh Knight)

9.(Eighth Knight)
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The Ranks of the Androids
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