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 The Wishes Overveiw

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PostSubject: The Wishes Overveiw   The Wishes Overveiw Icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 12:02 pm

What are Wishes
Wishes are granted in two ways. Collect either the Namek Dragon Balls or the Earth Dragon Balls. There are Three Wishes you are allowed to Choose From. Immortality is not one of them. Wishes can be anything ranging from a new tech to the revival/death of another player. (Note admins will allow these deaths to infact happen unless you have a good reason not to be killed off.) You are allowed to vote for one item only once. So no voting for three techs or three weapons. You can not wish for transformations however.

Finding them
Dragon Balls will be annouced in certain areas when an Admin sees fit. To aquire these dragon balls you must either A.Epic post or B.Fight another person who has it/trying to get it. If you gain a dragon ball you will annouced as the holder in this topic.

Shenron and Pogura?
To get your three wishes you must Post a Six paragraph ritual that explains the following. Where your at,what you wish for,what the dragons tell you,and then the effects of your wish. Admins and Mods can review your post and either approve or disapprove.

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The Wishes Overveiw
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