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 Now Hiring

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Son Zeraku
Z-Fighters Leader
Son Zeraku

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PostSubject: Now Hiring   Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:27 am

We are not officially opened, but for those who love dragon ball z and are willing to work we have some Spots open that must be registered.

Head Admins:

1. Son Zeraku & Android XXXX


1. Methias

2. Korynn



Head Moderators:


2. Shrimzo









Be The First to sign up for a moderator spot! Admin spots are also open! We request that if you want these positions that you be willing to work and be active, those who aren't will be removed unless they have have a reason/ have been excused
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1st Cell Leader/Saiyan Ruler

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PostSubject: Re: Now Hiring   Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:00 am

Name: Shrimzo

What You're Good at: Editing in terms of: techniques, appearance, history. I'm also good at moderating battles so no fierce argueing occurs. I'm also good at enforcing the law! Lol, seriously..I also know how to make templates and rules if any help is required.

How Can We Reach you?: Through pm or e-mail

Experience: 4 years in Rping and moderating.

Reason(s): I would like to become a moderator (or admin) not only because I was one many times before, but also because this has the potential to become a great DBZ RPG site. I would make sure that this goes smoothly as possible since I love DBZ as much as Bleach. I am friendly, but at the same time, will not make any biased decisions. i.e. i'm friends with someone and will approve any technique they put up. No, I won't do any such thing, even if they do get mad..which they shouldn't over a technique anyway..

Will You Be Dedicated to the site: But of course..DBZ is one of my main loves in life aside from girls and Bleach.
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Now Hiring
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