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PostSubject: Default Missions   Default Missions Icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2009 3:21 am

For High Saiyans:

1. Gaurd Mission-Protect the prince saiyan(Cell 13 Leader) from an invasion

2. Training Mission- Train your subordinates

3. Assist Mission- Assist a different Cell in collecting information from either nameks or saiyans

4. Training Mission- Train a regular saiyan

5. Invade Missions(Maximum number of saiyans allowed is 2)- Go to earth and gather information on the Z-fighters

For Low Saiyans:

1. Training Mission- Train to become false super saiyan

2. Gaurd Mission- Gaurd the strongest of the saiyans

3. Invade Mission- Go to earth and Gather some information from humans
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Default Missions
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