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 Overall Rules

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Son Zeraku
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PostSubject: Overall Rules   Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:36 am

we are trying to provide a fun community for our roleplayers, so always remember that

2. This forum is for users to have fun, roleplay and relax not to stress. Please try not to fight, if the cursing gets out of hand an Admin of DragonBall-RPG will stop you, this is not a community for fighting, we just wish that all of you have fun, thank you!

3. No God modding, god modding means something like this
"Becomes Super Saiyan 4 and uses an ultimate spirit bomb or Uses an undodgeable kamehameha X100"
None of that

4. No auto-hits, this means you will have to say things such as "I attempt to shoot him with my kamehameha or I aim to hit him with a kamehameha" we also suggest you say what body part you're aiming for.

5. Do not Dodge Everytime. It's ok to dodge a few things such as "He dodges the kamehameha that was aimed at him, but takes the kick in the face, or he gets hit with the kamehameha and kick in the face.

6. No one Liners, please, please post at least 3-4 lines per posts unless you are on the discussion board or on the polls or something, but overall we are asking that you post on the amount I stated above.

7. Be creative, We would like you to be creative and create your own character, so please, do not make a canon character!

8. Respect the Admins and Mods: they brought you DBRPG so please, we ask that you respect the admins and mods of any kind
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Overall Rules
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