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 Majin and Makyojin Guidelines

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Son Zeraku
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PostSubject: Majin and Makyojin Guidelines   Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:25 am

Overall: Basically, if you are a Majin or a makyojin you live on Planet Taste(Makyo) and Planet Squeeze(Majin).


1. Makyojins and Majins are allies, so a Makyokjin will not be fighting a Majin.

2.However you may fight a majin/makyo if your alighnment is evil.

3.These races have no powered form and there strength is determined by Rp skill.

4.Majins are nearly indistructable. Makyos are Vicious during the black mist.(which is every four days)

1.When you die you go to the King.

2.If your good you dont go to hell. Evil always go's to hell.


1.Makyos can survive in space.

2.Both cant learn Kaio Ken or Kamehameha.

Makyo have the ablity to grow in size. Majin can asorb there enemys.
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Majin and Makyojin Guidelines
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