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 XXXX the lesser kami

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Android XXXX
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Android XXXX

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PostSubject: XXXX the lesser kami   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:06 am

Name: Android XXXX, K-Series, Huamn Name: Spaden Ryuki

Age: 100

Gender: Male

Appearance: pic

Alighnment: Bad

Orginization: Gero's Army

Personality: Cold

Signature Technique: Rage of Kanu-This is basically him asorbing an opponents attack and fireing a beam that is triple the strength of the asorbed attack.

Fang Dialation: XXXX becomes utterly stronger and his speed is greatly increased. He can use ki fist at a higher level.Because of his suprior build he is known as a Hand to Hand master and rarly uses Ki attacks.

Rotate and Shatter:
Traps both XXXX and his opponent in a large dark sphere that can be broken untill this tech is finished. Inside the Sphere all Ki attacks are nullified and XXXX's strength is doubled. He can manipluate (the blade that all androids in there arm) the length of his knife and if the opponent is cut by the blade the will go slightly insane for the next round.[CD 11]

Spaden was once a powerful man, he had the money, the cars, the wemon, he had it all. Spaden was a great Baseball player. He had it rough when he was a kid but he knew that with hard work and effort he could do anything he wanted. He got so good in fact he never missed a homerun. He found out that he was going to be voted the most valuble player of the year. Thus mr. ego was born. He was overly confident in his ablities and had become a legend of the diamond.(Because a Baseball plate is in the form of a Spade.) People began to call him Spade Knight because he was considered galliant.

However he died during an carcrash he had years lator. He was recovered and built by Dr.Gero. Being Geros best creation yet gero greedly put his own brain in spadens body. Thusly naming himself Android XXXX and began to cause havok in the world. Unfortunatly for Gero Spadens soul consumed geros mind and a sort of fusion occured. Thusly the Iq of XXXX is that of Geros and he knows how to operate and build Androids. All members of Gero's Army are made by XXXX and they are stronger than non gero built androids. XXXX is currently controled by a Hidden source in the distance as if he is some sort of puppet. The controller has been rumored to be Spaden's young son Issis.
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Son Zeraku
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Son Zeraku

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PostSubject: Re: XXXX the lesser kami   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:28 am

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XXXX the lesser kami
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