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 Saiyan Transformation List

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PostSubject: Saiyan Transformation List   Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:35 am

Legendary Super Saiyan
-Only One Lucky Saiyan will be Legendary(it is not Zeraku)
*Must have the requirements of Super Saiyan 2 and you cannot have died, if so you will do a epic post on planet vegeta(whether you are an earth saiyan or not) explaining your birth and your life and how you discovered you were the one and only Legendary Super Saiyan*

Majin Saiyan (Evil Only)
*Must Defeat 10 good alignments and 2 saiyans. Requires Super Saiyan 2.*

Full Power Super Saiyan (Good Only)
*Must have achieved Super Saiyan and trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for at least 2 pages*

Fake Super Saiyan
posts: 25

Super Saiyan
posts: 75+
*Must have 3 Full Battles*

Super Saiyan 2
posts: 150+
*Must WIN 10 battles*

Super Saiyan 3
Posts: 300
*Epic post and get admin approval*

Super Saiyan 4
Posts: Unknown - Requires Admin Permission to train.
*Have to have 5 pages of full training in the HBTC, admin approval*

Great Ape
Posts:15 (Unless you're a Cell leader, then you start off with this)
*Saiyans must still have their tail. Once your tail is cut off, you lose this transformation unless you regrow it through artificial means (i.e machines or the dragon balls)*

Golden Great Ape
Posts: Unknown
*Must have the Great Ape and Super Saiyan transformation. Can go into Super Saiyan 4 after an epic post or the requirements for Super Saiyan 4 is achieved.*



The tail of the saiyan is very vital. The elites only look at their tail as a fifth limb, no longer as a weakness. When they have a tail, they gain more power than the ones that don't. This also means that they could hold some transformations longer and possibly freely. But you MUST have a tail in order to achieve super saiyan 4 or the great ape transformations. Saiyans that aren't leaders of a cell or just low class saiyans in general may lose control while the elites may just maintain reason to optimize the transformation to its maximum strength and can power up your ki attacks along with physical power.
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Saiyan Transformation List
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