Join this epic adventure in the Dragon Ball Universe set 500 years after GT..
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 The Epilogue

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PostSubject: The Epilogue   Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:21 am

This Series takes place 500 years after the end of Dragon ball GT. The races are now all at war. The Saiyans fighting for more planets, the humans fighting to defend them, and the Nameks smack in the middle. These are the main three. 490 years ago Majin Buu founded a planet called squeeze, and reproduced a-sexually, making a race of Majins. Planet Taste is still in tact, and the Makyojins still have their home, these are the other two. Majin's fight for peace, and makyojins fight to kill the saiyans and humans. The humans are martial artists, being trained 60x better then master roshi and the others, having powers of saiyans and the Ascended Martial Artists being stronger than normal super saiyans. Saiyans are split up into cells which consist of two saiyans a commander, and a lieutinant, there are 13 cells.
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The Epilogue
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